Appleton Coworking History

Appleton Coworking, Inc. was established in 2015 by a group of people who shared a vision for creating a community space for work. The space we occupy now, was initially opened as The Avenue HQ as a partnership between IDEAco and Willems Marketing, but when IDEAco closed its doors, the community came together to create Appleton Coworking. We continued a partnership with Willems Marketing to stay in the same space, and we’ve been here ever since.

How We Work

We are a member-driven community. That means we are self-determining. Every member has a voice and a vote. We all get a say in the kind of place we want this to be. Because we are a non-stock corp., that means that nobody owns Appleton Coworking; it exists for the community and is run by the community. We have lots of volunteer opportunities so help us make an awesome space.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if coworking is for me. Do you offer a free trial day?

Yes. We would love to have you come in and try it out. Send us an email or fill out our membership form to let us know when you’d like to come in for a free trial day.

What is the noise level like in the shared space?

It’s not uncommon to hear conversations taking place or quiet music in the background. There’s usually a room available to take phone calls, but total silence is not something you’ll normally find at Appleton Coworking — for that there’s always the Appleton Public Library just a block away.

Is it ok to take a phone call or video conference in the shared space?

Calls are ok as long as they are kept relatively quiet, but usually members opt to use the conference room or other available secluded areas to keep from being too disruptive.

How fast is the internet connection?

We have a fiber optic, business class connection with up to 50mbps download and 50mbps upload speed.

What’s the process for reserving the conference room?

For members it is free; we have a Google calendar, that operates on a first come first serve basis. For non-members we no longer offer the conference room for rental.

Do the private offices come furnished?

Nope. You’ll be responsible to bring your own furnishings.

Who owns Appleton Coworking?

Appleton Coworking is not owned by anyone. We are organized as a non-stock corporation under WI Statutes Chapter 181. We are completely run by our members. Our board is member elected, and our day-to-day management is all done by volunteers.

Do you offer any financial assistance for first time members?

We do not, however the non-profit organization, Appleton Downtown Inc, does have a grant program to encourage new businesses to move into the downtown area. We encourage new members to contact ADI to apply for a grant.

Why are the prices lower than other offices around the downtown area?

We operate with zero profit. Nothing gets done without everybody pitching in to clean, give tours, take out the recycling, pay rent, etc. We are a community workspace with sustainability as our goal, not profit.