We are a member driven coworking community. Our coworking space is located in the heart of the Fox Cities, in downtown Appleton. We are non-profit, built for the community, and run by our members.

Doing work in a community space

We made Appleton Coworking because we all want to be a part of a community. We want to engage locally, and we believe that bringing people together to work is a powerful way to learn and grow, to be connected to a wider network, and to make things happen.

Appleton Coworking is founded on five core values.


Not only will you have the chance to work with a great group of creatives and techies, but you’ll also have opportunities to network, host events, and partner with members of the greater Fox Valley community in making this area a better place to live and work.


Members of Appleton Coworking work with other members and members of the larger community on their own projects and initiatives and often get involved in community projects and initiatives, like watershed clean-ups, the Mile of Music festival, and hack-a-thons. Working at the space means having a built in team of folks happy to offer advice or a hand when needed.


Board meetings are open to members and are publicized in advanced. Everyone is invited to pitching in on running the space and contributing their voice.


We strive to be a safe and accessible space for people to work, share ideas, and collaborate.


We strive to be sustainable and leave a small ecological footprint. Our workspace offers recycling, and in many ways, we are a paperless office (though we do offer paper and printing if you need it!).

We adopted these core values of coworking expressed by Alex Hillman, of Indy Hall in Philadelphia.