Appleton Coworking Has Landed

Starting August 1st, we are now open! Come cowork with us. We are open from 9-5 and have much of the same pricing, policies, and vibe of The Avenue HQ.

To put any confusion to rest, The Avenue HQ is no longer open. In its place is a new entity—Appleton Coworking, Inc. Our community was formed over the last two years of coworking together. When The Avenue HQ’s parent company (IDEACo) had to close it’s doors, it meant that our coworking space was going to get shut down as well. The members of the space banded together and formed Appleton Coworking, Inc. – a non-stock organization, made for the community, run by the members.

In many ways our new space is the same as the old space. We have the same address, the same pricing structure, and many of the same people. The one major difference is that our new organization is run completely by its members. We wholly rely on volunteers to keep this place alive. The upside is that everyone who coworks here gets a say in how they want this place to be. Our board is member elected, and we encourage all of our members to get involved in making this place awesome.

Check out our membership page to learn more: Appleton Coworking – Membership